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Kristen (Kai) Hoye, MSW, CMT founded Transformational Movement in 2003 after completing her Masters Degree in Social Work; with a focus in community organizing, program development and the healing arts. She has received over 30 years of education in the moving and healing arts, and has studied with world renowned teachers. She presently works as a Social Worker for the philanthropic arm of the California FreeMasons, , promoting successful aging practices, and assisting and counseling members on end of life issues. She also has a private practice in Santa Barbara where she offers integrative therapies combining Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, Thai Massage, yoga & pilates, as well as energy work. Lastly, Kai is a lover of the sea, scuba dives, dances and promotes the highest vibration of reality. 

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Her Education & Certifications Include:

Masters of Social Work (MSW)

Hunter School of Social Work (NYC)

Bachelor of Arts: Mount Holyoke College

Post Professional Certification in Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Certified California Massage Therapist 

1000+ hrs of Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, Acupressure

Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA

600+ hrs Thai Massage in Thailand with Ajhun Pichest & Sunshine Massage School & Lahu Village

500+ hrs Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification

100+ hrs Pilates Teacher Certification

United States

~ Soul Lightening Acupressure (26hrs) ( )

~ Jim Gallas/Shiatsu (40hrs)

~ Richard Gold (26hrs)

~ Saul David Raye (60hrs) ( )

~ Michael Gibian (40hrs)( )

~ Acroyoga (60hrs) ( )


Nutritional/Detoxification/Pyscho-somatics Education:

~ Dharma Healing Center

~ ThanaChi Healing Arts

~ Babaji Ashram in the Himalayas

~ Judith Hemming/ Family Constellation

~ Anne Bradley/ Radical Aliveness

~ Hakomi Method / Ron Kurtz

~ Breema / Jon Schreiber

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