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offers Bodywork & Movement to help You recover from injury, eliminate muscular knots & adhesions & regulate your body's response to stress.


Transformational Movement offers the following therapies to promote radiant health & successful aging. Each session is uniquely designed for the client's needs & intentions, and may include an integration of:

Deep Bodywork

Trigger Point Therapy

Esalen Massage

Thai Massage



yoga & Pilates

A FREE 30 minute health & wellness consultation is included with each session.


 photo by Kristin Renee                    


"Kai is an incredible healer. She's very focused and intentional about any specific issues you are dealing with. She's also warm and kind. Her practice from Esalen makes her techniques both unique and effective. I can't say enough nice things about her."

~ Wyatt- Business Manager / Santa Barbara

"Definitely the best massage in town! Kai has the ability to turn her multitude of trainings into a deeply healing session for her client. She combines advanced techniques with her highly developed intuitive sense to offer a transformative journey from pain to well being."

~Cyndi B- Nanny / Santa Barbara

"Kai is a miracle worker. I saw her with pretty extreme back pain from an injury and left feeling about a thousand times better. She used Thai, Esalen, stretching and basically created a super customized massage for my injury. She's a super intuitive healer and this was honestly one of the best massages I've ever received."

~Josh S., Executive Film Producer/ CA

Kai has a private practice in Santa Barbara & Los Olivos, CA and is a MSW/social worker for the philanthropic arm of the 

California FreeMasons.

Call 805. 452. 5936

or contact Kai @:

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